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The Cherokee Baptist Association is a fellowship of local churches working in partnership to expand the Kingdom of God through His message and mission.
Cherokee Baptist Association

Working together

Cherokee Baptist Association is located in Northeast Alabama.
35 churches surrounded by beautiful mountains,
Weiss Lake, & rural farms!

From the Director's Heart

Wendell Dutton - Association Missionary

June 2023

From The Director’s Heart Another school year has passed, and summer is just around the corner. As we come to this time of the year, there are four significant dates and events before us. First, there is graduation. This is a milestone event from pre-school,

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April 2023

From The Director’s Heart Hope.  This is one of the most joyous, welcoming, and assuring words in our entire vocabulary.  Exactly what is hope?  Is it some wishful thinking or maintaining a positive attitude?  That may be how the world views hope.  However, biblical hope

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February 2023

As I write these word, we are already a month into this New Year. I wonder how many people in our churches began 2023 by making some New Year’s resolutions? The most common of these resolutions are: losing weight, exercising, eating healthier, getting out of

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Partnership Principle:
“We work best when we work together and we do best what we do together.”

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