April 2023

Hope.  This is one of the most joyous, welcoming, and assuring words in our entire vocabulary.  Exactly what is hope?  Is it some wishful thinking or maintaining a positive attitude?  That may be how the world views hope.  However, biblical hope is defined as a confident expectation as if it has already happened.  Real hope is rooted in Jesus who is the anchor of our soul, I Timothy 1:1.  In just a few days, we will celebrate the greatest event in human history, Easter.  Jesus’ resurrection is the basis for our hope.  In I Peter 1:3b, it states, “…which according to His     abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”  This simply means our hope is alive and this tremendous truth should be     evident and expressed in every area of our lives.

As a reminder, let me point out what the Bible says about this HOPE and how it touches every area of our life:
*It is the source of our joy and peace and is to increase in an overflowing confidence in
Christ.  Romans 15:13
*We are to rejoice in hope.  Romans 12:12
*This hope is a purifying hope that leads us to live a clean, pure, and Christ-like life each
day.  I John 3:3
*It is the basis and promise for eternal life.  Titus 1:2
*This hope provides us with a  great assurance and consolation that goes with us beyond the
grave.  As believers, we don’t have to sorrow as those that are lost.  I Thessalonians 4:13
*The Bible teaches us that our hope is a “blessed hope” and should ever point us to be
looking for His coming.  Titus 2:13
*Paul gives us a summary of God’s eternal purpose when he writes, “…Christ in you the
hope of glory.”  Colossians 1:27

Because of Jesus’ resurrection, we embody His presence, and we have the confident assurance of being with Him forever in Heaven and seeing the fullness of His glory.

As we come to this Easter, our celebration is one of Hope and His name is Jesus.  So, no matter what happens down here or how dark and bleak things may become, be encouraged.  Because of His resurrection, we are people of Hope.

Bro. Wendell
I Corinthians 2:2