March 2022

Spring time is here, and with it comes the pollen and allergies. But more than that, this is the season of the year when new life burst forth after a long dormant winter. The trees begin to bud, the flowers blossom forth in their colorful beauty, and the grass turns green and begins to grow. It is as if creation has come back to life and decorates the earth with its splendor!
It also stands, as a reminder to me, of the renewed hope and possibilities for our churches. I have documented time and again the great decline that our churches are suffering. But as we look around at all the newness and beauty of Spring, I believe that God is desiring to do a new work and breathe new life into our churches. The key to experiencing a fresh new touch is found in the principle that Henry Blackaby taught several years ago, “Find where God is working and join Him there.”
Spring is also a wonderful reminder of God’s work of grace in giving us new life through salvation. In John, chapter 3, Jesus tells Nicodemus three times, “Ye must be born again.” Paul writes for us in II Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away: behold all things are become new.” Together, these verses teach us that in Jesus it is possible to have a new life brought out of the deadness and dormancy of our old life of sin. This new life confesses and expresses the beauty of Christ and exceeds the mere beauty that we see in this season of the year.
Most significantly, Spring symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus! On Friday, He died the death of all deaths so that we could enjoy the life of all lives. He was buried in a dark tomb, but on Sunday morning God raised His Son up from that state of being dormant for a short while. Jesus came forth from the tomb with the keys of hell and death (Rev 1:18). Jesus’ resurrection was victorious, triumphant, eternal, and fulfills His great promise in John 14:19, “Because I live ye shall live also.”
As we celebrate Easter, let us take hope in what our Lord wants to do in His church. As we commemorate His death, burial, and resurrection, may we rejoice and be thankful for the new creation we are in Him. Lastly, let us praise and worship our risen Savior and soon coming King!
May you have a blessed Easter.

Bro. Wendell
Matthew 28:6