May 26, 2022

Another school year has ended, and another group of graduates are now facing their future. As churches, we should do all we can to encourage them and equip them to face what can be an intimidating future. How can we best support and empower them as they enter this new phase of their lives?
*Prayer – nothing is more vital to help move these young adults to make the right decisions and to get pointed in the right direction than to pray fervently for them.
*Come alongside them – befriend them and show them love, kindness, concern, and care. Surveys tell us this generation is looking for two things in the lives of adults: Love – someone who will love them unconditionally. As His followers, that is exactly what Jesus taught us to do (John 15:12). Secondly, they are looking for authenticity. They are tired of all the false pretenses, broken promises, and artificial fronts that unfortunately have surrounded them.
*Model – what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus. This should involve teaching or training in the scriptures. How to pray and practice other spiritual disciplines. It will help them develop a biblical worldview to stand firm in their faith as our nation continues on a downward moral and spiritual decline. Most importantly, it will equip them to be a fruitful disciple of Christ who in turn will make other disciples.

This summer holds great promise and potential for our churches as they have planned mission trips, youth retreats, and Vacation Bible Schools. One of my greatest joys in serving as your associational missionary is getting to visit VBS in our churches. This is always a fun time that allows me to have interaction with the children and the many workers who are serving in VBS. So, let me encourage you to pray, serve, and help in any possible way in your church VBS.

Please remember a few simple tips to make VBS a wonderful experience in your church this year:
1. Pray. This can never be underestimated as we seek the Lord to
do what only He can do.
2. Teach the Bible. This must be fundamental. After all, it is Bible
3. Love on the children and build relationships with them.
4. Share the Gospel. This is our primary objective to let children
know that Jesus loves them
and wants to be in a personal relationship with them.
5. Follow-up. Your VBS is not complete until you follow-up with
every prospect, need, and decision that is discovered or made
during your VBS.

Please know I am praying for you and stand ready to assist you in any way possible.

Bro. Wendell
Ephesians 2:10